Dianne Edleman is a digital abstract artist whose paintings are most often characterized by linearity and gradient color. She typically uses from two to four software programs to produce her finished pieces, and sometimes takes abstract digital photographs to serve as the underpinnings of a collection of paintings.

Dianne is also a published author.  Two of her books, Fitzpatrick Lane: A Book of Prayers and How to Use Spiritual Mind Treatment are published by DeVorss & Company and are available on Amazon.com.

In her prior business career, Dianne was an award-winning Sr. V.P. Creative Director for an international advertising agency. She left advertising to pursue a doctorate in organizational and personal change management, and then worked independently as a strategic communications consultant for Fortune 500 companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Now retired from corporate life, Dianne currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she focuses primarily on painting. She is a member of the Visual Arts Exchange and serves as a Disaster Spiritual Care volunteer for the American Red Cross.